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However Kuper claims that the model is not relevant to either Nuer values or their social structure, while others such as Holy have pointed out that the segmentary lineage model relates only to one aspect of Nuer values or social organization, and that other sets of values and other domains of social life shouid also be taken into account. 82 dominance domestic group’s independence as the unit which controls the MEANS OF PRODUCfiON and the labour process. Sahlins’ description of the domestic mode of production details an ideal type of productive system in which domestic groups are autonomous politicoeconomic units.

  • On the other, it is pointed out that there is great cross-cultural variation in the definition and interpretation of ‘biological’ kinship , and it has been shown that the analysis of kinship terms as CATEGORY terms, without reference to biological core meanings, is also a productive approach.
  • Third World, for example, possess a series of socio-cultural characteristics and features of community organization which have been studied within URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY and MIGRATION studies and which demonstrate the potential for social and political organization among those sectors denied access to industrial employment.
  • (See AGRIBUSINESS; DEVELOPMENT.) group marriage.
  • The term derives from the English word ‘Egyptians’.
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The artificial use of water in order to exploit land which would otherwise be unsuitable for AGRICULTURE. Irrigation systems may involve the construction of systems of terracing, canals or aqueducts of varying degrees of technological complexity. The theory of Asiatic or ORIENTAL DESPOTISM draws attention to the potential political consequences of centralized control over irrigation systems and water supply. The practice or norm of MARRIAGE between partners of equal status.

The first dining car in England was run experimentally by the Great Northern railway between London and Leeds in 1879, and now such vehicles form a common feature on express trains, being available for all classes of passengers without extra charge beyond the amount payable for food. There was no longer within the Russian land any independent principality in which an asylum could be found, and emigration to a principality beyond the frontier, such as Lithuania, was regarded as treason, for which the property of the fugitive would be confiscated and his family might be punished. It is on the windward faces of the highest ground, or just beyond the summit of less dominant heights upon the leeward side, that most rain falls, and all that does not evaporate or percolate into the ground is conducted back to the sea by a route which depends only on the form of the land. Beyond the limits of his personal travels Herodotus applied the characteristically Greek theory of symmetry to complete, in the unknown, outlines The ides of lands and rivers analogous to those which had been of symexplored. Trace out the clue of causation to the end, says Hegel in effect, and it introduces you, not to a single first cause beyond nature, but to the totality of natural process – a substance, as it were, in which all causes inhere. And, as nature reveals no great care for this postulate, we must appeal away beyond nature to a power who shall make good men at the last as happy as they deserve to be.

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A scholar known for the breadth of his interests and especially for his wide-ranging contributions to the anthropology of Africa. Forde explored in his works – among other areas – the fields of kinship and marriage, the relations between environment and society, and the manner in which anthropology as practised by members of dominant cultures should stimulate and interact with anthropology as practised by indigenous scholars. Major works include Marriage and Family among the Yako , The Context of Belief , Habitat, Economy and Society , and Yako Studies . 52 conscience coUective to do with biological relationships, and it is sometimes argued that the core meanings of all kinship terms are biological kin types .

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(See AGRIBUSINESS; DEVELOPMENT.) group marriage. This concept, which is related to that of PRIMITIVE PROMISCUITY, refers to a type of MARRIAGE rule in which the sexual and economic rights and obligations of the marriage relationship are held in common among a group of men and women. In 19th- and early 20th-century kinship theory the debate regarding group marriage was of central importance. MORGAN, for example, held that this was the earliest form of marriage, while others argued for the primacy of PATRIARCHAL, monogamous, or MATRIARCHAL forms. Later, interest in this retained earnings controversy declined as both US cultural and British social anthropology devoted themselves instead to the exploration and documentation of the variety of existing systems of kinship and marriage. With the works of LEVI-STRAUSS, however, interest in the evolution of structures of kinship and ALLIANCE was revived, but the notion of group marriage is foreign to the Levi-Straussian conception of a human society ordered even from its very origin by principles of communication and reciprocity between groups. Nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples found throughout the world.

macmillan dic

It implies an evolutionary model in which the most primitive societies and economies are those where there are few significant relationships between households. Sahlins’ model has been criticized by those ECONOMIC ANTHROPOLOGISTS who contend that production even in the most simple society is already controlled at a community level, and that there are always important political, economic and social relationships linking domestic groups with one another. Dominance in human behaviour and relationships has been interpreted in two different ways. On the one hand anthropologists influenced by ETHOLOGY and SOCIOBIOLOGY – or other biologicallyoriented models – have seen dominance as the expression and regulation of aggression.

For kinship terminology the reader is advised to consult the article abbreviations in kinship on page 1. The abbreviation BP refers to dates ‘before present’. Learn English Grammar by MeaningKosh. Short Essay and Paragraph writing. English Grammar macmillan dic for class six to HSC level students. Outliers synonyms, Outliers pronunciation, Outliers translation, English dictionary definition of Outliers. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

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In the sense defined by Marx exploitation is in itself a morally neutral term, since it is the degree, nature and utilization of surplus product rather than its existence per se which determines the progressive or retrograde nature of the overall system of class relations. In common usage, however, the term has acquired pejorative connotations and refers rather to the existence of unjust or abusive labour policies. A concept which links the notion of COMMUNICATION to that of CREATIVITY. TECHNOLOGY; DEVELOPMENT.) internal colonialism. This refers to COLONIAL-type social systems occurring within complex multi-ethnic states.

On the other, more socially- and culturallyoriented analysts regard dominance as the behavioural expression of social inequality and socioculturally structured POWER relations. Fourth World ments correspond to and are predictive of natural ordering, that is, the ordering that “makes sense” to the native informant.’ As this statement makes quite clear, formal analysis is merely a technique or a tool which does not in itself supply the necessary theoretical or interpretative model upon which the anthropological hypothesis is built. Formalists such as FIRTH and Robbins Burling therefore argued that any economic system can be viewed as the outcome of MARKET forces, reflecting the cumulative effects of MAXIMIZATION by individuals. Substantivists, on the other hand, following POLANYI, claimed that these principles of neo-classical economics applied only to marketdominated economies, not to those dominated by REDISTRIBUTION or RECIPROCITY. Marxist economic anthropology remained at the margin of this debate, regarding the issue of RATIONALITY or non-rationality as irrelevant, since individual maximization could for them determine the structure of economic systems in no instance, as that structure is in fact a product of institutional and class structures.

macmillan dic

On the whole the remarks of this esteemed author do not go much beyond such as might occur to any one who had made a study of a good series of specimens; but many of them are published for the first time, and the author is careful to insist on the necessity of not resting solely on sternal characters, but associating with them those drawn from other parts of the body. The objects of religious knowledge are beyond the plane of history, or rather – in a thoroughly Gnostic and Neo-Platonic spirit – they are regarded as belonging to a supra-mundane history. This adjusting entries is the oldest of existing states, though its authentic history does not go back much beyond 1000 B.C. It is generally admitted that there was some connexion between the ancient civilizations of China and Babylonia, but its precise nature is still uncertain. For other areas we have often no description of the procedure at all, but merely the briefest outline of the actual process of slaughter, and we are ignorant whether the form of the rite is in reality simple , or whether the absence of detail is due to the inattention or lack of interest of the observer.

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A concept introduced by WEBER to refer to the transformation of CHARISMA TIC leadership into INSTITUTIONALIZED leadership. This concept has been applied to the study of the history and development of CULTS and SECTS as well as political movements. Kenneth Pike and derived from the words ‘phonetic’ and ‘phonemic’. Phonetic accounts of language are based on the observer’s measurement of physical sound differences, while phonemic accounts are those based on speakers’ conscious or unconscious models of sound differences. The distinction between emics and etics in anthropology became popular for a time, used for the contrast between the explication and presentation of indigenous models of reality on the one hand and the description and comparison of sociocultural systems according to the observer’s criteria on the other. Ernie analyses are therefore those which stress the subjective meanings shared by a social group and their culturally specific model of experience, while etic analysis refers to the development and application of models derived from the analyst’s theoretical and formal categories. This contrast was linked to the debate about CULTURAL RELATIVISM and opposing positions in anthropology.

It was employed by SUMNER in his Folkways , but has not passed into general usage in British or US anthropology. “outliers synonym definition and meaning in english” at online dictionary. Definition of outliers synonym definition and meaning in english. What is another word for outliers synonym definition and meaning in english?

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This dictionary has good simple definitions that explain the more common meanings well. It also has the derivations for most of its entries. These are often very helpful to get a full understanding of a word. This is a dictionary of information technology containing over 7800 entries, which attempts to explain data processing, communications, office online bookkeeping systems, information systems, micro-electronics, graphics, printing and consumer electronics. Over 150 diagrams accompany the text for further clarity and an extended cross-referencing system aims to enable the reader to gain additional insight into the principles of IT. An earlier edition won an award from American Library Association.

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Although the English language is made up of over one million individual words, 90% of all written and spoken text consists of 7,500. The Macmillan English Dictionary highlights these vital 7,500 in red, encouraging learners to swiftly grasp the core words necessary to speak and write fluently. Collins online dictionary and reference resources draw on the wealth of reliable and authoritative information about language, thanks to the extensive use of our corpora – vast databases of language – both in English and in other languages. From the publisher of the best-selling Macmillan Dictionary for Children, here is the Macmillan Dictionary for Students. Authoritative and easy to use, it is the most comprehensive dictionary geared specifically to the needs of junior-high and high-school students. It contains 90,000 entries 120,000 definitions, and more than 1,900 illustrations to make meanings absolutely clear. The Macmillan Dictionary for Students also offers such helpful features as 34,000 illustrative sentences, 19,000 notes on word origins, and 2,000 synonym studies.

Third World, for example, possess a series of socio-cultural characteristics and features of community organization which have been studied within URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY and MIGRATION studies and which demonstrate the potential for social and political organization among those sectors denied access to industrial employment. SETTLEMENT or LEGAL process in certain societies. It is a test of physical endurance or a painful experience which the accused person undergoes, and the results of which are interpreted in order to establish his or her guilt or innocence. Physical ordeals also form a part of some INITIATION rites or other RITES OF PASSAGE including SHAMANIC initiation and other forms of religious training. In these cases, the physical ordeal may be intended not only to test the initiate but also to induce ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS which permit contact with the spiritual world.

There is therefore a tendency for the system to break into ENDOGAMOUS circles of intermarrying groups who agree to boycott their superior and inferior affines in future marriages. The existence of such an ISOGAMOUS phase is also precarious because every marriage may itself, after the event, be conceptualized as hypergamous, and the system tends to revert to its original form. These cycles of transformation indicate that hypergamy and isogamy cannot be sharply distinguished. As an idea hypergamy, accompanied by unidirectional prestations and terminological distinctions between affines may exist either in a situation where there is a statistical prevalence of hypergamous marriages, or with the practice of isogamous exchange marriages. 284 use value evolving interdependence with urban centres.

In the extreme south, beyond the basin of the Kalamas, the mountains of Suli and Olyzika form a separate group. The rivers, as a rule, flow from east to west; owing to the rapidity of their descent none are navigable except the Boyana and Arta in their lower courses. In the second case, if freedom were possible without inevitability we should have arrived at unconditioned freedom beyond space, time, and cause, which by the fact of its being unconditioned and unlimited would be nothing, or mere content without form.

GYNY, enforced spinsterhood and marriages far away ensure a demand for women from below. At the bottom, therefore, there will not be enough wives to go around. As J.P. Parry has shown this system is unstable. The status of both spouses is linked to the status of their offspring, and superiors as well as inferiors may decide that, temporarily at least, it is safer to marry equals.

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